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Here at The London Bunnies, we have decided to build a page of Frequently Asked Questions to emphasize the essential requirements of booking your selected London escort. Since we have an outstanding status, we pride ourselves in recognizing we are one of the most discreet and best agencies in the capital city of England, so here is our FAQ’s list.

Are the rates of escorts negotiable?

No, the escorts offer an expert service, the same way an accountant does, whose fees are also non-negotiable. The only situation where they may be room for negotiation is when you are looking to take one of our escorts for a period that is longer than that rolled on their rates table. When this situation happens we anticipate discussing the price with you before the booking.

Is it probable for me to book two or more girls at a time?

Yes it is possible. A series of our girls are bisexual but not all of them. It is forever superior to confirm at the booking stage so that we can provide you the perfect pair of escorts, which we assure will provide you double of pleasure.

Are pictures of escorts on our website real?

Images of our escorts are genuine, because we interview our girls direct before we place them on our team of beautiful London escorts just to ensure their pictures are genuine. We would not deceive you dissimilar some agencies that attempt to cheat with false images of girls. No we respect our clients.