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5 Basic Rules for New Escorts

17 Apr 2019

No occupation is big or small. There are certain pleasures one finds in doing certain jobs. That should not be questioned. One such questionable profession is escorting services. being an escort has always been looked down upon by a section of society. But if anyone wants to become an escort, they must listen to their heart. Being an escort is not just related to have sex and providing it for money. It involves an overall experience of grooming oneself to please others, training in certain arts, maintaining a fit body is just one among the entire list. Plus, it is a profession full of thrill and adventure which comes with a lot of money at the end. This profession gives the chance of meeting with various new people and having food at one of the most expensive places. In various cases, escorts also need to travel to faraway land. It is not just a profession; it is a wholesome profession with fun and financial benefits in the end.

But, one must not forget that being one of the 24/7 Asian escorts London is not easy. There are certain rules that must be followed in this job too. In case you are a new one joining the profession, here are 5 tips to guide you while you embark on this journey:

  • Lend your services professionally.

This attribute must be maintained no matter you are experienced or a newbie in the job. Don’t forget to be polite and humble in your first experience. A satisfied customer is a loyal customer earned. And he is bound to come back. But remember to maintain a clear professional relationship with them. At times, certain clients mistake being a lover and forget they are a client. You are just there because he is paying a price for soliciting your services and you are not planning to have a family with him!

A clear way of maintaining such relation is avoiding the use of word love with clients. Men often misinterpret and fall for such words when they are lonely. Don’t forget to carry packs of condoms with you. Keep them within your hand’s reach and if you notice they aren’t clean, deny sex. You can suggest some other activity in place of sex. However, if they insist, get up and leave! Don’t forget you are human first and not a toy your client has bought for a price. Self-dignity is first and foremost.

  • Filter out new clients

For new escorts, it is important they should be choosy in selecting their clients. They might end up with someone aggressive or waste of time type in case proper care is not taken while choosing clients. Experienced Asian Escorts in London know what they want and are aware of their client’s demands. Filtering out involves all the different steps in gaining information about new customers. Fix an appointment with telephone call. Ask basic information about them and if you want to verify their household information, ask for their landline number. In case they refuse to provide you, decline their offer. Also don’t forget to take their mobile number to acknowledge them of any change in plans.

  • Be on-time

People don’t like late comers. Mostly when they are excited about having some fun! When you are novice in this job, you need more positive feedbacks. Therefore, if you want to satisfy your client, you must be punctual. Moreover, if you are stuck up in some work, don’t forget to catch up with them and ask for rescheduling. If they are okay with it, then do it.

  • Consider your tips and donations seriously

While you are at agreed place with your client, request to see the money promised at once. If they don’t agree to show it, leave at once. If they show you the sum, count it and check if it is the same as your agency agreed to. Then check the rooms if your client is alone or not. In case there is someone, leave the premises or throw them out.

In such cases, don’t accept credit cards for payment. As your customer might disagree to pay you the amount agreed on. Or in the worst case, the card might be out of credit. At times, the client asks for more services than they have paid. In such case, a polite declination is welcomed. Because the payment was fixed on the basis of certain activities! In case, the client is a regular one and is willing to pay extra money, you can agree doing it.

  • Transportation suggestions

In case there is a place that your client has decided to accompany you to, hire a taxi in place of going by his personal vehicle. At times, the client might insist on picking you up from your place. Don’t agree to such invitations ever and meet at the destined place.

So, if you are new among Asian escorts in London and are feeling alone and confused, I guess the above points showed you some light. In any case, remember to uphold your dignity the most. You must leave any premise in case you feel unsafe.