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Attractive blonde escorts in the City of London

11 Jan 2019

While there is no formal definition of beauty, blonde women are often considered beautiful. There is a scientific reason for this, but you can rest assured that finding attractive blonde escorts in London is quite easy. These escorts are the perfect companion to ensure you have a fun and memorable time in the city.

Why are Blondes Considered Beautiful?

It goes back to 1869, ten years after Charles Darwin published Origin of Species. During this period, he started researching sexual selection of blond hair in women to write his book The Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex. However, Darwin did not get adequate data and had to drop the idea of blonde hair being sexually selected.

With advancement of science and technology, researchers have found that people with lower levels of a melanin pigment known as eumelanin are more likely to have blonde hair. While there is no gene for blonde hair and blue eyes, both are usually found together. Researchers believe that blonde hair was associated in the Palaeolithic era with youth and hence, women with blond hair were considered to be reproductively fit. Furthermore, blonde women have certain characteristics that men find attractive. These include fine facial features, smaller jaw and nose, narrow shoulders, pointed chin, smooth skin and less body hair.

Finding Attractive Blondes in London


Blondes in London

Now you know why men have a preference for blonde women. The good news is that you will be able to find attractive escorts with blonde hair in London with relative ease. These young divas are playful, naughty and sensual. They love to spend time with high-profile and discerning gentlemen, who know how to make a woman feel special and wanted.

You will find that many of the blonde escorts in London are highly educated women and have day-time jobs and work as professionals in organisations in the city. This means you can hold an intellectually stimulating conversation with them when you are not indulging in role-plays and sensual activities.

You will find that many of these attractive escorts are fun and offer great companionship. You can enjoy many activities with them to make your fantasies come true. If you are new to London, these escorts can take you around and point out the attractions. In case, you are a food connoisseur, the escorts know the best fine dining restaurants in the city and will be happy to accompany you so that you can enjoy a gastronomic adventure.

There are so many things you can enjoy in the company of these attractive ladies that you will be spoilt for choices. However, you can leave the selection to these models after informing them your likes and dislikes. This will make it easy for you as the onus will be on them to choose something that is fun, interesting and entertaining for you and her.

Make Your Move

The next time you are in London for business or pleasure and want to enjoy the company of attractive blonde escorts, you needn’t worry. There is no shortage of intelligent, beautiful and desirable blondes in the city who would love to spend time with you and pamper you like never before. You will feel energised and rejuvenated in their company, and will be all set to take on rigours of life without complaint.

Blonde escorts are intelligent, charming, and sensual. You will love their smooth skin, seductive smile and perky breasts. Make the most of your time in London and don’t let boredom get to you. Call on these attractive models to spend time with you and be prepared to be amazed with their looks, figure and intelligence. You will enjoy the complete package and that is why these attractive blonde escorts are in such high demand.