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Low Magnesium & Premature Ejaculation

30 Aug 2018
Let us be honest, that headline got your attention did it not? What man wants to suffer the indignity and loss of pleasure that goes with premature ejaculation? And what real gentleman wants to let his partner down that way? Indeed, if a woman can find a way to help her male partner last longer that is healthy and does not require potential dangerous pharmaceuticals, surely sher would be interested?
Well, firstly to explain. It is well known that sperm and ejaculate are largely – almost entirely – made up of minerals such as calcium, zinc and magnesium. (As well as protein of course, ladies!) But a research paper published in 2001 by the National Centre for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) indicates that there is a potetial causal link between low magnesium levels and premature ejaculation. They are not sure why, but more research is taking place. Premature ejaculation is disappointing for a man in any situation. But if he has spent hundreds of euros to book time with a Geneva escort only to have the exercise finish after a couple of pumps and a suirt, how much more furstrating must that be?
So, here are some questions to ask yourself that will indicate whether you might be suffering from magnesium defficiency – before you find that you or your partner has a problem in the bedroom.
Do you experience a lot of stress in your life? Have you recently has a major medical procedure? Stress physical and emotional stress can lead to magnesium deficiancy. And magnesium deficiency tends to magnify the stress reaction, worsening the problem.
Do you drink coffee, tea, or other caffeinated drinks daily? Magnesium levels are controled, largely, by the kidneys. But caffeine causes the kidneys to release extar magnesium regardless of the body statues and needs.
Do you take a diuretic, heart medication, birth control pills or estroge replacement therapy? Increased urination will cause the body to lose magnesium as a direct result of the filtratio process thruogh the kidneys, which control magnesium levels. In simple terms, the magnesium gets diluted in your pee!
Do you drink more than seven units of alcoholic beverages per week? A bottle of wine is not a single unit, by the way! Alcohol has a similar effect on magnesium levsl as a diuretic. In fact, alcohol can largely be thought of as diuretic, which is why such a large part of the cause of a hangover is dehydration.