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Massage And Massage Parlours

28 Jun 2018

The main reasons to get a massage are obviously to reduce their stress levels and to ease muscle tension. We all hear about people complaining about knots and tension, especially in their back and neck muscles. People frequently experience headaches and even migraines without realising that the cause is postural or muscle tension. Mostly these knots are caused by a build up of lactic acid in the muscle. When you use your muscles, lactic acid is produced by the muscle. When you are exercising, your heart rate is up and the circulatory system removes the lactic acid from the muscles. When you are hunched over a computer in an office, however, as I am now, the heart rate is not raised so the lactic acid is not removed. This lactic acid that remains in the muscle tissue then crystallises and hence forms a knot. This is what you can feel within the muscle as a lump or clunk. Massage is one of the best ways to remove these knots and thus allow the muscles to regain their full potential and flexibility and ease the tension, producing a more relaxed person.

Of course many massage parlours offer other forms of relief than simply muscle relaxation. It is well known that many massage parlour staff will offer sexual relief similar to that offered by the best escort Malaga would be able to supply. There are not that many who supply full sex, but oral sex and hand relief is very common. It is very useful to make sure what kind of massage parlour you are visiting so that you get the right kind of relief! Expecting a sports massage from a sex worker is disappointing. And asking a physiotherapist for a blow job is embarrassing for all concerned.

Massage is also known to help people sleep better and aid in removing toxins from the body. This is why a lot of people can feel light headed after a good massage – especially a deep tissue massage – as the circulatory system is carrying a lot of toxins from the muscles and has a higher than normal level of toxins. Massage is also a relaxing process, which means that people being massaged breathe more deeply and this increases the oxygen in the blood, leading to slight euphoria.